A collection of enlightening blog articles to inspire and inform the prospective hunter to the African continent.

A thunderstorm rolls in across the bushveld.

Conditions of the 2018 Hunting Season

We provide some insight into the hunting conditions that can be expected in South Africa during the 2018 hunting season, including the effects of weather patterns and seasonal changes. The advice and information offered in this section should be useful to any hunter planning a rifle or bow hunting safari during this season.

A hunter sits alongside his gemsbok trophy.

Big Game Hunting

Southern Africa's remarkable diversity of species makes it the ideal destination for big game hunting. Along with the Big Five - lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant - large species of antelope, like the eland, roan, sable and kudu, are also available for hunting. For a truly unique adventure, opt to hunt hippo or crocodile.

The rare Hartmann's mountain zebra in South Africa's Eastern Cape.

Hunting & Conservation

ASH Adventures is committed to ethical hunting practices and hunting that promotes the conservation of the species we so admire. There is a great deal of false information and misconceptions about hunting and its environmental effects. Read more about why hunting and conservation go hand-in-hand.

A herd of blue wildebeest silhouetted against the setting sun.

Hunting Organizations

Hunting organizations do a lot for the sport. As respected institutions in their field, they monitor ethical practices, contribute greatly to conservation and assist in protecting the rights of hunters. Here we provide information on the hunting organizations most relevant to hunting in Southern Africa.

An historic professional hunter.

Legendary Professional Hunters

The lore of the legendary professional hunters of yesteryear continues to inspire numerous hunters across the globe to endeavor a hunt on the African continent. For your interest, we have provided short profiles on Frederick Courtney Selous, Philip Hope Percival and Harry Selby to whet your appetite.

A handsome kudu bull spotted in the bush.

Spiral-horned Antelope

Southern Africa's spiral-horned antelope family - the bushbuck, nyala, kudu and eland - are among the most popular and sought-after plains game trophies available. Read more about these handsome ruminants, where to find them, their unique behavioral traits and striking physical characteristics.

A majestic kudu bull.

Hunting Botswana

Hunting in the African country of Botswana can be incredibly rewarding. This wildlife-rich country is known for its staunch conservation efforts and pristine wilderness areas. You are ensured of spectacular surroundings and ample encounters with wildlife.

A handsome young waterbuck.

Hunting Mozambique

Mozambique is truly wild, with a rugged, near-impenetrable wilderness hosting awe-inspiring wildlife. The hunting areas are incredibly remote, ensuring a true off-the-beaten track hunting adventure. Mozambique is particularly known for its immense tuskers.