Useful Information

This information guide offers hunters planning a safari to Africa a helpful reference. If one of your questions is unanswered, please email us for further details.

A close up of a passport document.

Safari Documentation

Your safari documentation typically comprises your reservation document and the signed indemnity forms upon arrival. Your reservation document includes all the necessary details of your hunting safari, including important terms and conditions.

Various trophies at a taxidermist.


While we do not handle the taxidermy process of your trophies ourselves, we work with trusted partners in each country where we offer hunting safaris. Here you will find information on the taxidermists and some details on the regulations involved.

A scope on a rifle.

Temporary Rifle Import

A guideline to essential paperwork - regarding the temporary importation of your rifles to Southern Africa: you will find the necessary forms in this section. If you need assistance filling them out, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Safari paraphernalia from the colonial era.

Rifle Calibers & what to pack

In this section, we offer some helpful information on the various rifle calibers that will complement the animals you plan to pursue on your hunting safari. We also provide an essential list of items that we recommend bringing along on your hunting safari.

A doctor with a stethoscope.

Medical Considerations

There are a few medical considerations when traveling to Southern Africa, like preventative measures against malaria and recommended vaccinations. Clients should discuss this with a doctor.

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When are the best times for a safari?

The best time to travel to Southern Africa for a hunting safari is during the winter, which generally stretches from late April to mid-August. It is not the rule, but the cooler weather and sparser bush makes for better hunting conditions than during the summer.