Hunting Mozambique

The wilderness of Mozambique.

Venture into the dense forests of Mozambique for a truly wild and authentic African hunting safari.

Hunting Mozambique can offer some unique and varied hunting experiences. Located on the coast of the Indian Ocean, it faces the island of Madagascar and is bordered by Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Swaziland. The hunting areas of Mozambique comprise a large portion of the country. The habitat in these areas consist largely of green savanna, forest glades and some dense forest which can make hunting in Mozambique quite challenging at times. The best hunting can be found in the more remote areas of the country near the borders of Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The large game reserves of these countries help to contribute to the larger animal populations found there.

If you are interested in hunting Mozambique for the regal sable antelope, you are in luck. The sable can be found in virtually all of the hunting areas. In fact, nearly all of the antelope species can be found here, including nyala, Cape eland, greater kudu, Liechtenstein's hartebeest and Chobe bushbuck, just to name a few. If you are hunting Mozambique for lion, this is conducted by calling or tracking rather than baiting, as is popular in many other countries in Southern Africa. Leopard are abundant in many areas of the north and west, while Cape buffalo can be found in most areas.

Hunting Mozambique for crocodile can be a real challenge for the marksman, as shot placement must be very precise. The croc can be found in abundance in the Zambezi River and Lake Gahora Bassa region. Where the croc is found, so is the great "Water Horse". Hippo hunting, both on land and in water, can certainly be challenging. Hunting elephant is legal and the highest populations are to be found in the north and west. If hunting Mozambique for elephant, plan to do a great bit of walking. As they say: Elephant are hunted with the feet.

The hunting areas of Mozambique are characterized by vast, open territories, for the most part unfenced. The average area is usually in the vicinity of 150 000 acres. Hunting in Mozambique begins in the 4x4 vehicle, which will depart from your well-appointed camp. Once in the bush, tracking on foot becomes the order of the day. Terrain in most of the hunting areas tends to be flat, and thus not necessarily physically demanding. Camps are generally permanent fixtures with comfortable bungalows and food is good with plenty to eat. The hunting season runs from June through November.

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