Big Game Hunting Safaris in Africa

A hunter sits behind his roan antelope trophy.

Experience the exclusive thrill of hunting big game on the inherently wild African continent.

A big game African hunting safari is sure to be a most exhilarating experience. From the moment the decision to go to Africa is made until your trip is realized, the excitement gradually mounts. Regardless of whether this will be a once-off trip of a lifetime or just the beginning of many visits to the 'dark continent', your big game hunting safari will, without a doubt, provide unforgettable memories.

The task of planning your big game African hunting safari may appear a complex undertaking unless you do a bit of homework. Sporting magazines, sportsman's trade shows, and of course the internet are all good sources and can be relied upon to provide you with information regarding what is available to you. Be sure to check out several outfitters; the outfitter that you choose for your African hunting safari and the professional hunters on his staff can "make or break" your safari.

Make sure the professional hunters are members of the professional hunter's association for the country that you intend to visit. Check that they are experienced in taking the species of game that you are interested in hunting and the areas that they have selected for your hunting safari. Ask for references from other hunters who have hunted with the outfitter; they will be able to shed light on just what you can expect to encounter.