Hunting Namibia

A lioness pursues a blue wildebeest through the Namib Desert.

The vast, open spaces of Namibia offer exceptional hunting safaris in a variety of wilderness areas.

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Namibia lies on the west coast of Southern Africa. It borders Angola to the north, Botswana to the east, and South Africa to the south. A small panhandle protrudes from the northeast corner of Namibia. Known as the Caprivi Strip, it touches both Zambia and Zimbabwe. The cold Benguela current of the Atlantic Ocean keeps the coastal areas of Namibia cool, damp, and rain-free, with thick coastal fog often prevalent. Inland, rain falls during the summer months between October and April, with days being hot while nights are cool. Namibia covers an area of some 825 000 square kilometers and is sparsely populated with only about 1.3 million inhabitants. English is the national language, however, Afrikaans is widely spoken with German and Bantu occurring in some areas.

Namibia is known for its rich and diverse wildlife resources and, over the past several decades, has been a prime destination for sport hunters from all over the globe. Conservation programs have largely protected this important resource and species such as kudu, gemsbok, springbok and even warthog are found in abundance. With the government's positive attitude toward sport and trophy hunting, outfitters from all over Southern Africa visit to take advantage of Namibia's great hunting opportunities. The hunting industry has proven itself crucial to ensuring the survival of Namibia's game species.

Among the species indigenous to Namibia are the typical plains dwellers, such as the springbok, blue wildebeest, and the African elephant. Namibia sports the largest population of black rhino in all of Africa. The roan antelope is making a recovery and several antelope species such as the red lechwe, waterbuck, reedbuck and the sitatunga can be found in the wetlands of the far northeast.

If you are looking for something different, you might like leopard hunting using dogs - a bit more active than the traditional leopard on bait from a blind. Namibia is a great place to hunt - let ASH Adventures organize your next Namibian safari!

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