Client Reviews & Testimonials

A hunter smiles proudly with his black wildebeest trophy and professional hunter.

Testimonials of clients who have hunted with ASH Adventures.

Robert Greene, USA

Andrew was fast and thorough in helping us plan our itinerary. The whole visit to South Africa was exactly what we envisioned. Our experience at the hunting lodge exceeded our expectation. Nico, Kobus, Lenard and Jacob were friendly, enthusiastic and made us feel welcome. Mary-Anne did us a great service by locating a better charger for our camera so we could take photos for the rest of the trip.

Tim DeNeen, USA

When I decided that I wanted to hunt South Africa, my intention was to bow hunt (exclusively) and to hunt during the summer, as this was the only time that I could fit into my schedule. Furthermore, I had little interest in hunting from a blind. I want to 'spot and stalk' the animals. None of this was recommended! But my intention was to do things my way. "My way" does not necessarily mean the easiest way, but I wanted to complete the "hunt of a lifetime". I felt confident that ASH Adventures could make this happen, and I was not disappointed! My PH Hennie worked extremely hard to get me the species I wanted, the way I wanted to do it. He also helped with everything from picking me up at the airport to helping me get souvenirs for my family. Overall I would say that I was extremely successful, taking 6 big game animals with a bow in 9 days of hunting, especially considering that I had hunted during the off season and I mostly hunted on foot. Each animal has a special story associated with it, one that I will never forget! Hennie went above and beyond to make my hunt successful. My only problem is that I sold this hunt to my wife as "the hunt of a lifetime". The problem? How do I explain to her that I want to go back! I know that I want to book with ASH Adventures, that I want Hennie as my PH, where I want to stay and the properties that I want to hunt.

Charles Hofmeister, USA

ASH Adventures has been completely professional from the very first contact. Questions and concerns were answered promptly. Once we were in the country they took excellent care of us, supplying all needs, just as the advance press promised. No "bait and switch" here! I am fully satisfied! It was wonderful!

Edwin Anderson, Canada

This was my first hunting safari. I did not know what to expect. It was great in every way. I loved riding through the bush. Such a beautiful countryside. The variety of wild game was impressive. I had already chosen a zebra to take, and was thrilled to get one. The lodge was wonderful; the grounds were impeccable, and our rooms were very comfortable and restful. The food was very good, and the cook was always helpful and willing to accommodate any request. Our PH's were the best. They answered any question eagerly. They are very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend ASH Adventures, and will tell all my friends back home that this is the safari company that they should choose.

Malek El Skaf, Lebanon

Very well-organized, exceptional trip, never thought it could be better. I felt very at home. Thank you ASH Adventures for making my dream come true.

SC, Switzerland

An exciting experience. Very professional from A to Z. Staff are always available, and there was a very friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend ASH Adventures.

Stephen Bauerband, USA

This was my second African hunt. The first one was not with ASH Adventures, and I had a completely different experience. The experience with ASH Adventures was exceptional. Everything that was planned happened - I hunted with my younger brother, who had never hunted in his life, and he took all of his planned animals. First-class organization. The hunt was well-organized and executed flawlessly. We made a lot of new friends.

Lara Allman, USA

Everything! I don't even know where to start... food, conversation, quirky stories, randomly breaking out in song, learning about African culture, learning about animal habits from the hunting and the safari, my husband hunting, the children hunting, spotting the Big Five... Beautiful land. Dankie!

Carlos Gasca, Mexico

Excellent service, professional attention. They know what they are doing.

Joshua Penrod, USA

Loved the service, exceptional high quality, value for money and great attention to detail.

Petur Kristinn Hilmarsson, Sweden

Very professional service and at the same time very personal. Everything went beyond our expectations.

Sam & Susan Hansen, USA

Our time with ASH Adventures greatly exceeded our expectations. Our time with them was a lot more than a few good hunts. From our first communication with them to our departure, they took care of any and all our needs.

Asgeir Berge, Iceland

The hunt was exceptional and exceeded all expectations. The diversity of species is almost inconceivable, the scenery is beautiful and the support from the PH'S, trackers and camp staff nothing short of first class.

Alexander & Holly Lenard, USA

From our arrival at the beautiful accommodations to our early morning start in the bush on day one, we had a non-stop adventure. We ate and drank to our hearts' delight, watched 'bush TV' aka sitting around the campfire, and we learned so much from our fabulous guides and staff and have two amazing Cape buffalo (Big Five) trophies to show for it. Thanks again for a great adventure!

Anders Kristiansen, Denmark

Simply the best experience ever.

Jack Smith, USA

Professional, well-run with top-notch accommodations, outstanding meals and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Travis Bowman, USA

ASH Adventures was my first outfitter for hunting in South Africa. Danielle and I had a great five days and look forward to planning another hunt with ASH Adventures. And remember: "You can't grill it, 'til you kill it."

Ted Wilson, USA

This was our first time to Africa. ASH Adventures made us feel right at home. I was very comfortable and enjoyed every minute of my hunt. Hennie (PH) and Jacob (tracker) make a fantastic combination and incredible team. You guys were great! I will return to hunt with you!

Norman Taylor, Scotland

My five day hunting trip with ASH Adventures can be described in one word: EXCEPTIONAL.

Charlie Austin, USA

This was my fourth hunt with ASH Adventures and it will not be the last. My PH, Hennie du Toit, delivered once again. I'm going home with two of the Big Five and four plains game animals, all of which are outstanding trophies. Thank you to the entire ASH Adventures team.

Myra & Newt Porter, USA

We added a hunt to our 25 year anniversary trip so that all of our 'likes' were included in the celebration. I was nervous to hunt, but our PH and the ASH Adventures team made my first hunt a pleasure. A zebra and a nyala will now grace our home as my first trophies. My husband was ecstatic to see me shoot and kill the trophies, thanks to our PH's guidance,

Wong Kok Ching, Singapore

ASH Adventures Safaris has exceeded our expectations with every detail, from the transportation, guided tour, to the lodging and meals. Everything was top-notch. We cannot thank each of you enough for helping us to fulfill our dreams. Obvious highlights: Shooting our trophies, visiting the Kruger National Park and the hospitality at the game lodge were all excellent. The expertise displayed by our patient and extremely knowledgeable PH's, not forgetting the support staff, were all top-notch. They definitely made our trip a memorable experience. I sincerely hope this will not be our last hunt in South Africa and definitely not our last hunt with ASH Adventures.

Harry & Judy Adams, USA

Having never done this, I was worried about so many details. That all vanished when we were picked up by our PH at the airport. Professional, competent and patient. Accommodations and support staff were absolutely wonderful. Plan on re-booking!

Srinivasa Bodha, India

A great way to go on a safari in Africa. Best service I have ever experienced - proper, friendly, efficient staff.

Andrew Book, USA

First time in Africa and using ASH Adventures. They were amazing when it came to booking and were very flexible, even when I had airline troubles. The guides and hunters love the sport and have great respect for it. I recommend them to anyone who wishes to enjoy their stay in Africa.

Rob Grabowski, USA

Every effort was made not only to have a fun and successful hunt, but also to make us feel at home and in good company.