Custom African Hunting Safaris

A herd of blue wildebeest in the bushveld.

A hunt in the wild throes of the African continent is one of the world's greatest outdoor pursuits. When booking a custom hunting safari, you determine the duration and the trophy species you would like to hunt.

The African hunting safari often fulfills a hunter's lifelong dream. For some, it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It marks only the first of many trips back to the bush for many folks. Our custom hunts offer a great deal of flexibility when planning your safari.

Preparation for the African hunting safari is of utmost importance and should begin months before one sets foot on African soil. The proper clothing, a hat to keep the sun at bay, and a good pair of boots - well broken in - are just a few of the essential considerations.

The choice of rifles may sometimes be an issue, but in most cases, your favorite deer rifle will be sufficient for just about all of the plains game species. Be sure to mate your rifle with premium, high-quality ammunition loaded with heavy-for-caliber bullets. If you intend to hunt any dangerous game species, most African countries require the use of a .375 caliber rifle or larger. Take the time to sight in your rifle properly and then practice with it. Be thoroughly familiar with your weapon of choice and shoot from the sticks, off-hand, and in any other shooting positions, you feel you may encounter.

Countries in which ASH adventures offers Custom Hunting Safaris.

South Africa is the most popular hunting destination in Africa.
South Africa

South Africa offers the international hunter unsurpassed diversity in plains game species that can be hunted in habitats ranging from open plains to various densities of wooded savanna. In addition, it is also one of the only countries in Africa where all of the Big Five are hunted. Both rifle and bow hunting safaris are on offer.

Springboks are the most common trophy animals that can be hunted in Namibia.

A hunting safari in Namibia transports visitors to a country of vast open spaces, varied terrain, and some of the finest plains game hunting in Africa. The quality of springbok and gemsbok trophies harvested in Namibia are the finest to be found anywhere on the continent. The country also has the unique distinction of being the only country in Africa where the fastest land mammal - the cheetah - can legally be hunted.

Zimbabwe offers the international sportsman vast, unfenced hunting areas.

Vast tracts of untouched wilderness characterize the area in Zimbabwe where we conduct hunting safaris. If a genuinely wild African hunting safari is what you are after, Zimbabwe is an exceptional choice for your safari. A basic but very comfortable camp provides accommodation in this wilderness where elephant, buffalo, leopard, crocodile and hippo are pursued in their natural habitats.