Trophy Hunting Mountain Reedbuck

As his name implies, the medium-sized antelope is found in mountainous areas, on dry rocky slopes and hills where sufficient grass and shelter is readily available. The mountain reedbuck will usually avoid open areas and peaks, staying close to the rocks, trees, and scrub which he uses for cover. If you are interested in hunting mountain reedbuck, expect to do a bit of climbing. The ewes tend to be smaller than the rams and carry no horns.

The mountain reedbuck's horns tend to be shorter than those of the common reedbuck, but still exhibit the characteristics curve forward at the tips. Just about any set that exceeds the ear lengths will constitute a good trophy. This mountain dweller lives in herds of 3 to 6 animals usually consisting of females and juveniles. The rams form bachelor herds or are often encountered alone; they join the herd only to mate. These guys are wary, but often inquisitive - a trait that the hunter can use to his advantage.

They graze and drink early in the morning and during late afternoon or even at night, usually resting in the shady spaces of their habitat during midday. A bit hard to approach, hunting mountain reedbuck will probably demand a shot of considerable distance. As for most of the medium-sized antelope, a rifle of .270 caliber would be an excellent choice. Quality expanding bullets of 130 to 175 grains should do the trick. Place your shot directly on the shoulder to anchor this excellent climber or you may be in for a day of climbing yourself.

Photo Gallery

Mountain reedbuck are hunted in mountainous areas.
A close-up shot of a mountain reedbuck trophy.
Mountain reedbuck can be hunted in both the Eastern Cape and Free State provinces.
Mountain reedbuck are typically smaller than their 'common' cousins.
A hunter sits alongside his mountain reedbuck trophy.
Hunters lift their mountain reedbuck for a celebratory photo.

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  • Name: Mountain Reedbuck
  • Scientific Name: Redunca fulvorufula
  • Weight Male: 30 Kg
  • Weight Female: 28 kg
  • Shoulder Height Male: 75 cm
  • Shoulder Height Female: 73 cm
  • Mating Season: Throughout the year

Weights & shoulder heights are averages