Hunting Areas & Camps

Hunt across a wide range of terrains all over Southern Africa while unwinding in premium lodgings.

Wooded savanna and acacia thickets We hunt in the bushveld that straddles Gauteng, Limpopo and the North West.

Where will I hunt? The locations of the various hunting areas where our safaris are conducted.

Distant mountains and vast plains Hunt a wide variety of plains game species in the eastern Free State.

Semi-arid desert with stark red sands A truly remote outpost where we hunt for lion, gemsbok and more.

Hilly with lush greenery Hunt unique species like mountain reedbuck, blue duiker and grey rhebok.

Wilderness near the Kruger National Park Diverse landscapes ideal for hunting a diversity of species.

Hunt like the big game hunters of yesteryear Rustic, comfortable accommodations in a truly authentic wilderness area.

Immense tracts of land Enjoy dramatic scenery and thrilling hunting expeditions into the desert.

Exclusive hunting for a select few Take unique trophies like the Chobe bushbuck or Livingstone eland.

Wild, green and isolated Hunt some of the biggest tuskers imaginable in a far-flung wilderness.