Hunting South Africa

South Africa attracts more international hunters annually than any other country in Africa.

A hunter with his bushbuck trophy.

ASH Adventures offers a wide variety of hunting options to the international sportsman.

A bachelor herd of impala.
Plains Game Hunting Packages

A variety of fully inclusive plains game packages are offered for South Africa. These packages include all of the most popular trophy animals like kudu, impala and blue wildebeest. Both rifle hunting and bow hunting can easily be accommodated. Both hunting types are conducted by highly experienced, licensed Professional Hunters. If you are looking for an exciting, unique, and memorable hunting experience, head for South Africa.

The leopard is the most elusive of the Big Five.
Big Five Hunting

Big Five Hunting in South Africa is arguably the most challenging endeavor a hunter can embark upon in his lifetime. The lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino commonly known as the Big Five, received this name in years past when the first European hunters in Africa believed them to be the most dangerous of the African mammals.

A hunter enjoying a wingshooting experience.
Wing shooting

Wing shooting in South Africa is an outdoor pursuit that can be enjoyed in several of the country's safari areas. ASH Adventures does not offer dedicated wing shooting packages, but we do offer wing shooting as an add-on to your plains game or Big Five hunting safari in South Africa. When wing shooting in South Africa, the bag can include several species of dove, duck, spurfowl, Egyptian goose and guinea fowl.

A scope attached to a rifle.
Rifle Hunting

Rifle hunting is a very popular outdoor pursuit in South Africa. Hundreds of thousands of South Africans and thousands of international sportsmen hunt the great diversity of plains game species in South Africa annually with their favorite rifle in hand. Most of the clients of ASH Adventures prefer rifle hunting to bow hunting. About 95% of all the trophies taken by our clients annually are done so with a bolt action rifle.

Bow hunting provides an exceptionally challenging hunting experience.
Bow Hunting

South Africa offers some exceptional bow hunting opportunities. The concession areas in which ASH Adventures offers bow hunting, are dedicated solely to this purpose, ensuring that the animals are more relaxed than in areas where rifle hunting is conducted. Comfortable blinds have been erected in strategic positions maximizing the chances of taking the trophy of your choice.

A kudu roams the bushveld region.

The bushveld is convenient both for its easily accessible location as well as the wide variety of species - both plains and dangerous game - available for hunting. Our bushveld hunting camps are warm, inviting and luxurious, while still enjoying wild authencity integral to an African hunting safari.

Stunning scenery in South Africa's Eastern Cape province.
Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape offers an incredibly scenic hunting environment, with hunting camps in bucolic settings and unique species on offer to set the avid African hunter's heart racing. Pursue rarer antelope species like the tiny blue duiker, the grey rhebok and red lechwe, or opt for a thrilling nighttime caracal hunt.

A dramatic sunset over the plains of the eastern Free State.
Free State

The eastern Free State is an area of open plains, framed by undulating mountains in the distance. This terrain is ideal for hunting South Africa's wealth of plains game species, including black wildebeest, blesbok, springbok, red hartebeest and more. The hunting camps are celebrated for their countryside charm.

A dark storm approaches across the Kalahari.

The Kalahari is our go-to location for lion hunting. This remote outpost of stark red sands and brilliant night skies is the Africa hunters dream about. Other exciting species available for hunting against this striking backdrop include gemsbok, giraffe, springbok and typical plains game fare like impala and blesbok.

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