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A guide to information that you might find useful when planning your hunting safari in Africa.

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We offer some information on the menu below which we consider essential to planning your safari, including the procedure to follow in order to temporarily import your rifles into South Africa. Some information and links are also provided with regards to the taxidermy companies we suggest, as well as a list of items you may consider packing when traveling to South Africa on your hunting safari.

Some pointers are provided on the hunting of dangerous game, which includes hunting Africa's legendary Big Five, hippopotamus and crocodile. The focus of the plains game hunting information is to provide some food for thought regarding calibres and conditions under which plains game are hunted. The bow hunting section provides a description of our company's approach to bow hunting as well as some basic info concerning bows.

In addition to the information which is essential to planning your safari, we also offer some reading material on the legendary African hunters we admire and who have so greatly shaped the history of hunting in Africa over decades past. The choice of a specific rifle and calibre remains a personal matter. We do, however, offer some suggestions based on experience. We just highlight the basic rifle types which are utilized in Africa on the rifles and calibres page.

Lastly, some of the questions which are most frequently asked have been answered on the FAQ page. If any of the information is unclear or if we can provide you with a more detailed explanation, please use the form provided on the 'contact us' page to send us your queries.

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Tours and safaris to unique destinations and wildlife reserves

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Informative articles about hunting in Southern Africa

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