Trophy Hunting Black Springbok

Hunting black springbok will certainly challenge even the most experienced plains game hunter. Like the white springbok, this very desirable trophy is most often mixed in with a large herd of common springbok. The large number of eyes, ears, and noses the hunter must elude to get into reasonable rifle range complicates hunting black springbok. When hunting black springbok, unless you have extensive experience, you will need to defer judgment to your Professional Hunter, as their horns are relatively small and extremely difficult to judge. This task is further complicated by the fact that both rams and the ewes carry horns.

Hunting black springbok can demand shots in excess of 300 yards. His keen eyesight and reluctance to allow an approach that may be deemed threatening will demand a great deal of walking and even some crawling. Hunting black springbok is best when using a flat shooting rifle of at least 25 caliber and a bullet of 120 grains, traveling about 2 600 feet per second. A scope of 6 power or a 3 to 9 variable will put the hunter in good stead for the long shots that are typically required.

Photo Gallery

A black springbok hunted on safari.
Black springbok usually occur among herds of common springbok.
Black springbok trophy alongside its hunter.
Black springbok are usually hunted at longer distances.
Black springbok are a morph species of common springbok.

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  • Name: Black Springbok
  • Scientific Name: Antidorcas marsupialis
  • Weight Male: 41 Kg
  • Weight Female: 37 kg
  • Shoulder Height Male: 75 cm
  • Shoulder Height Female: 75 cm
  • Mating Season: Throughout the year

Weights & shoulder heights are averages