African Hunting Safaris

A hunt in the wild throes of the African continent is one of the world's greatest outdoor pursuits.

An evening leopard hunt in Zimbabwe.

The African hunting safari is often the fulfillment of a hunter's lifelong dream. For some, it is a once in a lifetime event, but for many it marks only the first of many trips back to the bush to once again test themselves against nature and her wild creatures.

Preparation for the African hunting safari is of utmost importance and should begin months before one sets foot on African soil. The right clothing, a hat to keep the sun at bay, and a good pair of boots - that are well broken in - are just a few of the important considerations.

The choice of rifles may sometimes be an issue, but in most cases your favorite deer rifle will be sufficient for just about all of the plains game species. Be sure to mate your rifle with premium, high quality ammunition loaded with heavy-for-caliber bullets. If you intend to hunt any dangerous game species, most African countries require the use of a .375 caliber rifle or larger. Take the time to sight in your rifle properly and then practice with it. Be thoroughly familiar with your weapon of choice and shoot from the sticks, off-hand, and any of the other shooting positions that you feel you may encounter.

South Africa is the most popular hunting destination in Africa.
Hunting Safaris in South Africa

South Africa offers the international hunter unsurpassed diversity in plains game species that can be hunted in habitats ranging from open plains to various densities of wooded savanna. In addition to this, it is also one of the only countries in Africa where all of the Big Five can be hunted. Whether you choose to hunt with rifle or bow, the ASH Adventures team is dedicated to making your African hunting safari in South Africa an unforgettable experience.

Springboks are the most common trophy animals that can be hunted in Namibia.
Namibian Hunting Safaris

A hunting safari in Namibia transports visitors to a country of vast open spaces, varied terrain and some of the finest plains game hunting in Africa. The quality of springbok and gemsbok trophies harvested in Namibia are the finest to be found anywhere on the continent. The country also has the unique distinction of being the only country in Africa where the fastest land mammal - cheetah - can legally be hunted. After South Africa, Namibia offers the greatest diversity of different mammal species that can be hunted in Southern Africa.

Zimbabwe offers the international sportsman vast, unfenced hunting areas.
Hunting Zimbabwe

Vast tracts of untouched wilderness characterize the area in Zimbabwe where we conduct hunting safaris. If a truly wild African hunting safari is what you are after, Zimbabwe is an exceptional choice for your safari. A basic but very comfortable camp provides accommodation in this wilderness where elephant, buffalo, leopard, crocodile and hippo can be pursued in their natural habitats. In addition to these dangerous game species, the area is also home to a variety of unique plains game species that can be taken on your safari.

Impalas are the most common plains game animal that can be hunted in Botswana.
Hunting Botswana

Botswana has, for many years, been one of the most sought-after hunting destinations on the African continent. In recent years, the government of this country has greatly limited the areas in which hunting safaris can be conducted, as well as the number of hunting permits that are issued. Botswana, however, still offers an unforgettable experience to those fortunate enough to enjoy a hunting safari in this African country.

The wilderness areas of Mozambique are wild and untamed.
Hunting Mozambique

In the last decade, the northern reaches of Mozambique have emerged as a prime dangerous game hunting destination. Bordered by Tanzania to the north and Zimbabwe to the west, this area has yielded some of the largest elephant trophies to be taken anywhere in Southern Africa and offers the sportsman an untamed African hunting safari experience second to none.

An African sunset experienced on one of the hunting packages offered by ASH Adventures.
African Hunting Packages

ASH Adventures offers a variety of plains game and dangerous game hunting packages in Africa. These packages include all safari-related expenses as well as trophy fees for the animals listed in the packages. When booking one of our hunting packages, you are assured of hunting with experienced professional hunters in areas where an abundance of different African mammal species are available.

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