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African Hunting Safaris

Whether you are interested in hunting the Big Five or plains game, a hunting safari in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique or Namibia is sure to be a thrilling experience.

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Custom Hunting Safaris


A safari based on your preferences
The duration of the safari as well as the number of trophies are determined by the hunter.

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Hunting Packages


All inclusive packages
Trophy fees and daily rates are all included in these value packages.

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Plains Game Hunting


A variety of trophy animals
Plains game can be hunted in various unique habitats.

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Big Five Hunting


Africa's most imposing mammals
The Big Five can be hunted in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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Areas & Camps


The areas and hunting camps where the safaris are conducted
From the plains of the Eastern Free State to the thickets of the bushveld, hunt across South Africa's most captivating terrains.

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Trophy Animals


Plains and dangerous game species
Find out more about the trophy animals available for hunting.

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Photo Safaris & Tours


Explore the top destinations in Southern Africa
Extend your hunting safari with scenic visits to Cape Town, the Kruger National Park and more.

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Useful Info


Find out more before your hunt
Valuable information on rifles and calibres, importing firearms, what to pack and more.

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Luxury Hunts


Hunt in style at five star hunting lodges
Luxurious hunting accommodations are available for our hunters with discerning tastes.

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Special Offers


Get more bang for your buck
Seasonal specials and unique trophy offers available throughout the year.

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Meet Our Team


Our office team and professional hunters
Individuals dedicated to ensuring the best hunting safaris imaginable.

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Riaan's Suggestions

Some suggestions on what to consider when planning your hunting safari in Africa. Specific advice is offered on hunting areas that could be suited to your requirements as well as the best time to visit the various regions of Southern Africa in order to maximize your chances of success.


Client Testimonials

"From the moment we stepped off the plane, we were catered to. Every need was met before we knew we needed anything. The food was fantastic and the hunting was everything we could have hoped for. We will be back!"


Hunting In Africa

The South African hunting industry, particularly big game hunting, is coming under increasing fire and criticism. Though we welcome thousands of hunters to our country every year who openly document their hunting safaris, when images surface of prominent figures on a big game hunt (Australian cricket players Glenn McGrath and Brett Lee) or, quite surprisingly, images that challenge gender stereotypes (Melissa Bachman and her lion), these hunts are splashed across the media under sensational titles that include dramatic terms like ‘scandal’ and ‘outrage’. The result is that legions of animal lovers decry hunters’ apparent contribution to the decline of endangered species numbers, not realizing that trophy hunting, in fact, contributes far more to wildlife conservation than any other conservation incentive.

Because of the high commercial value provided by trophy hunting, game currently occupies more privately owned land in South Africa than cattle. A remarkable amount of species have been brought back from the brink of extinction due largely (and in some cases, almost completely) to trophy hunting, including sable antelope, black wildebeest, bontebok and even rhino. Lions, elephant, buffalo and leopard are not being hunted unchecked and into extinction – on the contrary. Hunting the Big Five (and big game in general) is a highly controlled, meticulously monitored and completely legal endeavor.

The buffalo is the most popular dangerous game species to hunt.

Nicknamed "the Black Death" and "Widowmaker", the Cape buffalo is one of the most unpredictable and formidable adversaries a dangerous game hunter can face. It is also the most popular member of the Big Five in terms of trophy hunting. African Sky offers buffalo hunting in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The Sable is one of the rarer large antelope species available.

The Sable is inarguably one of the most handsome antelope species on the continent. This large, near-horselike creature boasts spectacular curved horns and a dramatically contrasted coat of black and white. The Sable can be hunted in South Africa and in Zimbabwe.

Male lions are considered the cream of the crop of dangerous game trophies.

The 'King of the Bush' still evokes the kind of terror and awe that inspired big game hunters to travel to the continent in centuries past. Our lion hunting safaris are conducted amidst the red sands of the Kalahari in South Africa's Northern Cape province - an African tableau that will remain with you years to come.

Blue wildebeest are also called 'brindled gnus'.
Blue Wildebeest

The blue wildebeest (or 'brindled gnu') is a popular inclusion in plains game packages that cater to both beginner and expert hunters. Its image is synonymous with the Serengeti of East Africa. This bizarre-looking 'beest' makes a fine trophy and is typically found in habitats of acacia savanna and short grass plains.

A kudu bull browsing in the bush.

Revered for its spectacular spiraled horns and attractive markings, the kudu is one of Southern Africa's most iconic antelopes and sought-after plains game trophies. These imposing animals are typically hunted in the bushveld regions of South Africa and Zimbabwe, where they enjoy the finest browsing prospects.

Impalas are ideal for beginner hunters.

The impala is one of the most common antelope species on the continent, with a range that stretches across most of Sub-Saharan Africa. This highly successful browser and grazer is available in the all the areas where we conduct our hunting safaris, ensuring an attractive available staple.

A blue wildebeest hunted during a Beginner's Package.
5 Day Beginners Package

This package is popular both with beginner hunters as well as seasoned hunters visiting the African continent for the first time. The hunting safari is conducted in a bushveld region conveniently close to Johannesburg, and includes a blue wildebeest, a blesbok and an impala.

Hunt the mighty Cape buffalo with African Sky Hunting.
5 Day Buffalo Package

Hunt the most popular member of Africa's Big Five during this indelibly thrilling buffalo hunting package. The Lowveld region surrounding the world-famous Kruger National Park forms the authentic wilderness backdrop to your safari, ensuring a truly unforgettable hunt.

The Free State is ideal for hunting a wide variety of plains game.
7 Day Free State Package

Traverse the vast, open plains of the eastern Free State province on a hunting package that includes exciting plains game species like black wildebeest, white blesbok, gemsbok and springbok. An abundance of different plains game species are found in this area which can also be added to your list.

The black wildebeest can only be hunted in South Africa.
14 Day Bushveld & Free State Package

Enjoy two weeks hunting in two of South Africa's most prolific hunting areas - the bushveld in the north and the eastern Free State to the south. This comprehensive packages includes kudu, impala, warthog, blue wildebeest, black wildebeest, springbok, blesbok and zebra.

The plains game species on offer are also available for bow hunting with our experienced professional hunters.

Wingshooting is always an exciting add-on to a trophy hunting safari in South Africa.