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African Sky Hunting has been offering quality hunting safaris and hunting packages since 1998.

The entrance to African Sky Hunting's office.

African Sky Hunting is based in Pretoria, South Africa. We have been providing quality hunting and photographic safaris for over 18 years. In this time, we have successfully conducted a great number of hunting safaris and private photographic tours. Each member of our team is an expert in their field. African Sky Hunting has the commitment, experience and infrastructure to make your safari the experience of a lifetime.

Our professional hunters are experienced in pursuing the Big Five as well as the plains game of Southern Africa. All of us, from the office staff to the camp staff and professional hunters, are committed to making your African hunting safari a memorable one. We offer both rifle as well as bow hunting safaris.

The areas in South Africa to which we offer safaris are the Bushveld region, the Lowveld in the northeastern part of South Africa as well as the eastern Free state, an area of highlands located in central South Africa. Some of our hunting trips also visit the Kalahari in the northwestern part of South Africa. On special request, safaris are offered in the Southern African countries of Zimbabwe and Namibia.

In each area we make use a couple of centrally located hunting camps near the various concession areas in which the hunting safaris are conducted. These camps range from very comfortable to luxurious, with all modern amenities always available. Meals are prepared to the highest standard and well-trained camp staff ensure that rooms are serviced and that a daily laundry service is provided.

Our Professional Hunters

Nico Erasmus

Nico Erasmus - Outfitter & PH

Nico grew up in the bushveld surrounding the Rust de Winter Dam. He has been involved in professional hunting and game farm management for close to fifteen years. Nico has an outstanding knowledge of animal behavior, rifles, and hunting in general. He is experienced in Big Five as well as in plains game hunting. Safaris that have been led by Nico have received rave reviews. He is an amicable host and a very capable professional hunter who is sure to add value to your hunting safari in South Africa.

Alex Duvenhage

A veteran hunter with almost twenty years experience in pursuing the plains game and dangerous game of Africa. Alex has hunted extensively in all of the countries in Southern Africa including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique. He has hunted a great number of Big Five animals in his career and is an asset on any safari.

Frans Gresse

Frans Gresse - PH

Frans is a an experienced professional hunter who is a veteran of many seasons. He is a learned individual with an exceptional knowledge of the wildlife, history and cultures of our part of the world. His calm and patient nature, in combination with his exceptional skill in the pursuit of the animals of Southern Africa, make Frans a valuable asset on any safari he accompanies.

Pieter Booyse

Pieter Booyse - PH

Pieter was born in the bushveld and grew up on a farm in South Africa. He has been hunting since childhood. Pieter has over sixteen years experience as a professional hunter. He is an exceptional judge of horns and an expert in all matters related to the hunting of the dangerous plains game of Africa. Pieter is a great host and will ensure that your safari is an unforgettable adventure.

Christoff Jones

Christoff Jones - PH

Christoff grew up on a farm and began hunting as a child. He qualified as a professional hunter in 1999. Christoff spent thirteen years in the South African Police Special Forces and seven years in Iraq as a private security detail. Throughout those years, he offered his professional hunting services part-time. The last few years have been dedicated to working full-time in the hunting industry, with Big Five hunting experiences gained both locally and in Zimbabwe. Christoff considers professional hunting as “not just a job, but a passion”.

Jaco Oosthuizen

Jaco Oosthuizen - PH

Jaco grew up on his father’s game ranch and began hunting from a young age, firstly with air rifles for birds and then upgrading to larger species of game. As he became older, he began taking local hunters out on safaris. About a decade ago, Jaco finished his diploma in nature conservation and acquired his professional hunter's license. Since then, Jaco has been leading hunting safaris all over Africa. Jaco is a dedicated, hard-working individual. ”Conservation by Hunting” is his motto. Your safari is sure to be expertly conducted if accompanied by Jaco.

Wian & Riaan Viljoen

Wian Viljoen - Trainee PH

Wian hunted his first animal at the age of five - a springbok taken with one shot at a distance of about one hundred and forty yards. He has since hunted many of the plains game species of Southern Africa accompanied by his father. At age eleven, Wian has hunted in all of the primary hunting areas to which African Sky offers safaris. It is hoped that he will lead your sons or daughters on hunting safaris in years to come, and that a legacy will survive long after those who have established it are gone.

Our Office Team

Riaan Viljoen

Riaan Viljoen-General Manager

Riaan grew up visiting the hunting areas of Limpopo with his father almost every weekend since he was five. He completed his professional hunter's training in 1993 and founded African Sky Hunting in 1998. He is a graduate of the University of Pretoria's School of Economic and Business Sciences and is focused on ensuring that the entire African Sky Hunting team provides international hunters and photographic safari enthusiasts with an exceptional experience at a competitive price.

Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey - Sales Manager

Andrew spent around ten years as a tour and safari guide before taking an office position, first as sales consultant and then as the Sales Manager of African Sky Safaris & Tours. Andrew has extensive knowledge of all matters pertaining to photographic safaris and tours in Southern Africa. He is able to expertly assist with all questions relating to your tour or safari. He will provide you with detailed proposals and will work with you until we create a perfect fit between your specific requirements and the service offered. Wildlife photography is his hobby and passion.

Lisa de Klerk

Lisa de Klerk - Sales Consultant

Lisa began accompanying her parents on safari from a very young age, quickly developing a deep and irrevocable passion for the wilderness of Southern Africa. Her appreciation and respect for all things wild and wonderful will reflect in her meticulous handling of your proposal and the details of your safari, ensuring that these sentiments extend to your own experience and adventure in our part of the world.

Rentia Grobbelaar

Rentia Grobbelaar - Administration

Rentia is a perfectionist who ensures that the office administration and general filing work is done with the precision of building a space shuttle. She maintains a comprehensive filing system which enables the rest of our team to always have the necessary documentation and information at their finger tips. She also ensures that all necessary legal documentation is filed in the prescribed manner in order to ensure our compliance with compulsory statutory and governance requirements .

Kobie Mouton

Kobie Mouton - Acting OpS Manager

Kobie joined the African Sky team in 2012, first gaining valuable knowledge of the country and our clientele through dedicated guide work and then assisting the operations team. Kobie's passion for people, ability to tackle problems with a cool head, fairness and team skills propelled him through to the ranks to Acting Operations Manager. He will ensure that all the logistics of your hunting safari go off without a hitch from the moment you step onto the tarmac until you depart our corner of the continent.

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