About Us

African Sky Hunting is based in Pretoria, South Africa. We have been providing quality hunting and photographic safaris for over 14 years. In this time we have successfully conducted a great number of hunting safaris and private photographic tours. Each member of our team is an expert in his field. African Sky Hunting has the commitment, experience and infrastructure to make your safari the experience of a lifetime.

Our professional hunters are experienced in pursuing the Big Five as well as the plains game of Southern Africa. All of us, from the office staff to the camp staff and professional hunters, are committed to making your African safari a memorable one. We offer both rifle as well as bow hunting safaris.

Our Professional Hunters

Riaan Viljoen - PH and General Manager

Riaan Viljoen

Riaan grew up visiting the hunting areas of Limpopo with his father almost each weekend since he was five. He completed his professional hunter's training in 1993 and founded African Sky Hunting in 1998.

He is a a graduate of the University of Pretoria's school for economic and business sciences and has been focused on ensuring the entire African Sky Hunting team provides international hunters and photographic safari enthusiasts an exceptional experience at a competitive price.

Hennie du Toit - PH and Outfitter

Hennie du Toit

An ex-special forces member, Hennie has been hunting the plains game and Big Five of Southern Africa for twelve years. He has been in the full time employ of African Sky Hunting for over six years and has in this time successfully led a large number of hunting and photographic safaris.

Hennie is an exceptional professional hunter and host. His presence on any Big Five safari inspires confidence and a sense of trust, while his amicable nature ensures you will enjoy the the full Southern African safari experience.

Jaco Oosthuizen - Professional Hunter

Jaco Oosthuizen

Jaco grew up on his father’s game ranch and began hunting from a young age, firstly with air rifles for birds and then upgraded to larger species of game. As he became older, he started taking local hunters out on safaris.

About a decade ago, Jaco finished his diploma in nature conservation and acquired his professional hunter's license. Since then, Jaco has been leading hunting safaris all over Africa. Jaco is a dedicated, hard-working individual. ”Conservation by Hunting” is his motto. Your safari is sure to be expertly conducted if accompanied by Jaco.

Peter Harris - Professional Hunter

Peter Harris

Peter is a veteran of the South African hunting industry. He has been leading hunting safaris in South Africa since the age of 24, just under 30 years ago. In this time, he has hunted countless numbers of the Big Five in all regions in Southern Africa.

If Peter is the PH on your safari, you will be in capable hands. He is an excellent host with and an unrivalled amount of hunting experience.

Pieter Boysen - Professional Hunter

Pieter Boysen

Pieter was born in the bushveld and grew up on a farm. He has been hunting since childhood.

Pieter has over sixteen years experience as a professional hunter. He is an exceptional judge of horns and an expert in all matters related to the hunting of the dangerous plains game of Africa. Pieter is a great host and will ensure your safari is an unforgettable adventure.

Frans Gresse - Professional Hunter

Frans Gresse

Frans is a seasoned professional hunter who is a veteran of many seasons. He is a learned person with an exceptional knowledge of the wildlife, history and cultures of our part of the world.

His calm and patient nature in combination with his exceptional skill in the pursuit of the animals of Southern Africa make Frans a valuable asset on any safari he accompanies.

Our Office Team

Andrew Harvey - Safari Consultant

Andrew Harvey

Andrew has extensive knowledge of hunting and photographic safaris in southern Africa. He has guided many safaris across southern and east Africa, from Cape Town to Nairobi and everywhere in between.

Andrew is able to expertly assist with all questions pertaining to your hunting or photographic safari. He will provide you with detailed proposals and will work with you until we create a perfect fit between your specific requirements and the hunting or photographic safari offered by African Sky Hunting

Michael BohmËr - Operations Manager

Michael Bohmer

Michael worked with South Africa's largest cruise ship operator for nine years before joining the African Sky Hunting Safari team.

Due to his extensive background in dealing with directly with various operators, Michael has the expertise to arrange all background aspects with regards to our clients tours and safaris.

Tanya Webber - Personal Assistant

Tanya Webber

Tanya is a capable personal assistant. She joined the company a couple of years ago and has since played an important role in assisting Riaan in the fulfilling of his duties.

Tanya is responsible for hosting client dinners and special events. She will normally be the one to assist clients with the settling of their accounts on the last day of the hunt.

Jean-Pierre Pretorius - Webmaster

Jean-Pierre Pretorius

Jean-Pierre has over 12 years experience in web design and development and served as a senior designer in one of Pretoria's most well-known IT companies.

Apart from his passion for graphic design, he is also involved with video editing for African Sky Hunting as well as the social media aspect of the company.