The Kalahari region is a remote area in the north western part of South Africa where we primarily hunt lion. This semi-arid region straddles three Southern African countries - South Africa, Namibia and more than half of Botswana. The dry climate means that the terrain consists mainly of sandy savanna. Despite its often harsh environment, this 'desert' is known for its prolific variety of animal species.

The remarkable landscape of the Kalahari offers some breathtaking tableaus, from sandy red dune seas stretching as far as the eye can see to violent thunderstorms casting colorful lightning fireworks across the desert sky. Evenings are deafeningly quiet, save for the ambient crackle of your log fire. You may feel that you are being watched by more than just the silvery scrutiny of the southern hemisphere's endless expanse of stars.

Tracking a lioness or black-maned Kalahari king in this stark African setting will prove an unforgettable highlight on your hunting safari in South Africa. Though we focus on hunting lion in this area, plains game species such as blesbok, springbok, black wildebeest and gemsbok are also available.

Located in South Africa's Northern Cape province, the Kalahari is not close to any major cities or towns. The province is very sparsely inhabited. Access to the area is by light charter plane, which increases the traveling cost substantially and is normally only justifiable if you are hunting for one of the Big Five.

Photo Gallery

The sprawling sand dunes of the Kalahari Desert.
Gemsbok occur in abundance throughout the Kalahari.
Dune patterns in the Kalahari region.
The Kalahari offers wide, open spaces.
Two springbok clash in the afterglow of dusk.
A gemsbok silhouette lit by the setting sun.

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  • Lion hunting
  • Gemsbok
  • Breathtaking landscape
  • Dramatic sunsets
  • Covers parts of South Africa, Namibia & Botswana
  • Unforgettable hunting experience