African Hunting Packages

Fully inclusive plains game and dangerous game hunting packages in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The Cape buffalo is the most popular dangerous game trophies.

African Sky offers all-inclusive African hunting packages in the countries of South Africa and Zimbabwe. In South Africa, we offer both plains game hunting packages as well as exhilirating hunting packages devoted to pursuing the dangerous game found throughout the country. In Zimbabwe, we offer a smaller range of hunting packages that include dangerous game and plains game species that may be unavailable in South Africa, like the Chobe bushbuck and the Livingstone eland.

In all cases, the hunting packages are inclusive off all safari-related expenses and the services of an experienced professional hunter. You will be in the care of your dedicated PH from the moment you step off the plane. Thereafter you will either be transferred to your pre-safari accommodation in a plush Pretoria guest house or straight to the hunting camp.

The camps utilized are always comfortable - even luxurious - with quality meals and camp staff committed to meeting all of your needs. From bottled water to soft drinks, teas and coffee, all beverages are included throughout your stay. Alcoholic beverages are also included - be sure to communicate any preferences beforehand so that we can ensure your utmost enjoyment! Mealtimes often include the spoils of the previous day's hunt, expertly prepared to glean the most delicious flavors and combinations from the available fare. Camp chefs like to keep it interesting, and your palate will never tire of the options on offer.

The only costs not included in these packages are the international flights from your country to South Africa and home, as well as any taxidermy work that you might require. For information on recommended taxidermists in South Africa, check out the 'Info' tab.

Advantages of booking a package

There are numerous advantages to booking a hunting package, the most self-evident being the cost - our listed trophy prices and daily rates are reduced in our packages, meaning fantastic value for money. Great care has been taken to construct packages with ideal durations and appropriate trophy combinations, which is helpful to more novice hunters or hunters visiting the continent for the first time who are uncertain about when, where and what they would like to hunt. As mentioned above, all our packages are fully inclusive, and the price advertised on the website is the price that will reflect on your quotation and the price that you will pay upon conclusion of your hunt.

Can I take additional animals?

We always encourage taking additional animals, whether opportune like encountering a jackal, baboon or small species of antelope whilst on the hunt or if there's an animal that you've been dreaming of that is not already included in the package. After all - you've traveled all the way to Africa. Make every second of it count! We pride ourselves in our flexibility, and if at any point (within reason) during your hunt you wish to add an animal (that occurs within the area in which you are already hunting), your profesisonal hunter will endeavor to make it happen for you. Additional animals are priced according to the standard pricelist on our website and not sold at package rates.

What if one of the included trophies is not taken?

Besides the elusive leopard, our success rate with regards to taking trophies is very close to 100%. However, on occasion, an animal may just get the better of one of our hunting clients. It happens. As the final payment for your hunt (the remaining 80%) is only due upon conclusion of the safari, trophies not taken will simply be removed from your bill. However, do keep in mind: if you make it bleed, you pay for it. A wounded animal is a taken animal.

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